punta allen

Punta Allen

Punta Allen is a small fishing village that is immersed in the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve. To access this paradisiacal place, Punta Allen, you have to leave Tulum and continue through its hotel zone. It is a long journey that is worthwhile and is only accessible via a dirt road that runs along the coast.

How to get to Punta Allen?

The journey from Cancun to Punta Allen can be a little long. They are approximately 113 mi (183 km), however, the last part of the route is through a dirt road that increases the ride. It is suggested to visit Punta Allen on a tour or excursion, or if you are on your own, rent a van or 4x4 vehicle.

From Tulum to Punta Allen, there is a distance of about 37 mi (60 km). Although the trail may seem short, most of it is a narrow dirt or sandy road. On the way, you pass through the Muyil lagoon and cross the Boca Paila bridge, famous for being a crocodile area.

What to do in Punta Allen?

The town of Punta Allen is really quiet and is home to fishers, so you can eat exquisite fresh seafood and the catch of the day. The town has barely 400 inhabitants and an atmosphere of peace and serenity, with the characteristic taste of the Caribbean.

Although there is electricity, there are restrictions since it is a local power plant that generates most of it. Most of the small hotels have their plant, although due to its remoteness, there is no cell phone signal.

Punta Allen Beach

It is the perfect place to relax and enjoy the sun and sea breeze. For many of the visitors to the Mexican Caribbean, it will never be enough beach! Bring your towel, lie down on the sand, and enjoy its almost virgin beaches. It is a fantastic way to get in touch with nature and get aware of the beauty of this corner of the Riviera Maya.

Water Activities

Snorkeling in Punta Allen is one of the most popular activities. There are some tours offered by members of the local cooperative to visit the reef and take a dip in the warm waters of the Caribbean to enjoy the magnificent underwater view.

It is also quite attractive for diving enthusiasts who come to Punta Allen to observe the diverse marine fauna that includes giant lobsters, sea turtles, and a variety of colorful tropical fish. Besides, it is possible to take a kayak trip or take a boat ride on the nearby beaches.

El Blanquizal at Punta Allen

One of the best-kept secrets of Sian Ka’an is El Blanquizal at Punta Allen, also known as the Sian Ka’an pond. It is a natural pool in the middle of the sea, surrounded by reefs, and with fine sand. This peaceful haven has shallow waters and is perfect for taking pictures and enjoying the beauty of the Caribbean Sea.

Fishing Trip

You can hire a fishing tour and join the adventure of navigating the sea in search of the catch of the day. Later, you can pay at one of the local restaurants to cook your fish to taste and enjoy a delicious meal.

Starry Nights

What is the best thing about staying at least one night in Punta Allen? Being a seaside town, away from the city, and with limited electric light, you can enjoy beautiful starry nights. Sit on a terrace or lie down on the sand to observe the skies, and make this night experience in Punta Allen, something that you will hardly forget.

Punta Allen will surprise you at every step. Let yourself be carried away by nature and spend excellent moments observing the local flora and fauna. Near its beaches, it is possible to watch sea turtles, rays, dolphin families in the wild, and in the lagoon areas, you can even see manatees or lizards.

Come to Punta Allen and indulge yourself with the Caribbean taste of a small fishing village, relax in its quiet atmosphere, and enjoy local cuisine with fresh ingredients, practically from the sea to your table.

On your next vacation in Cancun and Riviera Maya, after visiting archaeological sites such as Cobá or Tulum, and visiting the most amazing parks in the Mexican Caribbean, treat yourself for a day or two, to get to know Punta Allen within the Biosphere Reserve from Sian Ka'an.