Get into one of the most famous archaeological sites in Mexico. Its location facing the gorgeous turquoise waters of the Mexican Caribbean made Tulum one of the places on your bucket list when visiting Cancun or Riviera Maya. The ancient Mayans named it Zamá, which translates as dawn.

El Castillo Pyramid

This pyramid is the tallest structure at Tulum and the most pictured point in the whole Riviera Maya. El Castillo was a lighting house during its splendor period. The reef in front of the city also served as defense for potential invasions. This building showed a safe pass through the coral barrier to reach the Tulum beach.

Tulum Wall

The wall is one of its kind among the archaeological sites and served as a defense to the city. It has up to 16 ft (5 m) width and an average height of 10 ft (3m). The perimeter wall has five access and covers three sides of Tulum, with the Caribbean Sea as the fourth side.

Commercial Value

Tulum had a relevant location for the ancient merchant route. There is evidence that the trading extended towards Central America on the south side until the Mexican state of Tabasco at the Gulf of Mexico.

The Temple of the Frescoes

Perhaps, this temple is the most mysterious building in Tulum. The Temple of the Frescoes has mural paintings that have endured through centuries, at least partially. There are Mixtec influences from Central Mexico, due to the painting style.

The House of the Halach Uinic

This place was the home for the Tulum governor, previously known as Zamá. Most of its architecture remains, including the bed litters that were beds. The House of the Halach Uinic is close to the Temple of the Frescoes, and nearby the entrance.

How to get to Tulum?

The Tulum archaeological site is 3 mi (5 km) from downtown Tulum, in the south side of the Riviera Maya. You can get there by car from Cancun or Playa del Carmen through the Federal Highway 307. Also, you can take a tour on a comfortable bus and a certified guide that you combine to visit Xel-Há, Xenses, or Cobá on the same day.